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I installed VVV and found following error

Then I did this on the Security & Privacy

I did not finish the learning process. I was stuck at this chapter and I did not continue afterwards. Why? I did need more time to think and I guess I can not make time before the morning rise.

I was often wake up late. I woke but continue to…

Second chapter is about Promise. I create one more folder for training. Set the web server to specific folder and visit browser. Page did not changed, still display my previous project.


So browser still remember the cache for this url and display old content. I restart the web server…

Finally! This feeling when the submission is accepted.

<insert celebration gif here, I do not know how to add gif in Medium post>

But reviewer still give some good feedbacks to my code :

  • Give alt to images → related to accessibility
  • Move inline javascript to separate file (in index.html)

I guess this is the most reject reason when firstly implementing progressive web app. I have checked all of criteria, but I did not do these,

  • Caching manifest.json (I thought it does not have to be cached)
  • Add icon for Apple device (??) <link rel="apple-touch-icon" href="/custom_icon.png">
  • It should have minimum…

After having brief knowledge in previous session, time to prove myself has come. This is my first time submitting my very first progressive web app to Dicoding. Let’s see the criteria of the submission :

  • Display 4 pages and min 2 images ✅
  • Complete links to all pages on the…

I get Work From Home again for 2 weeks now. It means that I have extra hours since I do not need to commute every single work day. It is about 3 hours in total. I think I will use extra hours to learn something new and build something afterwards…

Previous chapter : My First Step to Learn SwiftUI.

To rehearse, my learning resource here is Apple developer website.

In this lesson, I am confused on the Step 1 : In the Project navigator, choose Models > Landmark.swift. I find it anywhere in the application and none. So does the…

This is my journey. I might have the wrong step or too much step, then I have to revert back to previous state. But here it is, I start my journey to learn SwiftUI.

I am not new in programming hence I do still have a lil bit background on…

I get this issue when running the Xcode and I found the solution by changing system date to 3 October 2019 and retry. It works! Probably you find the same issue and this would work for you too.

Good luck!


I post my journey to learn new programming in Medium. I write in too (Bahasa Indonesia), mostly travel and review

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